This provides a demonstration of the exhaustive functionality of PARyOpt. These are very intricately connected to the examples on BitBucket, so the user is suggested to go through them simultaneously. The examples are structured as follows:

Description of Examples
Example # Description

Example 0

Getting Started

A dive into setting up the optimization routine.

Example 1

Custom functions for surrogate construction

Using the same problem as example 0, the modularity of the framework is demonstrated. All the functions that can be customized are shown.

Example 2

Restart from previous state

Explains the restart capabilities of the framework and how one can use in case of (hardware/resource) failure.

Example 3

Local asynchronous evaluator

Asynchronocity is introduced and a local asynchronous implementation of example 0 is shown. This implementation can be easily extended to an asynchronous remote evaluator.

Example 4


Explains the kriging functionality of the framework and how data can be assimilated to perform kriging